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Love is Love

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Should we
Or should we not have equal rights
In this government
That is the question.
Many say no
They say
We aren’t human
That we are abominations
They’re wrong.

The highest court in the land
Has stood for us.
They have said we’re worth it
That we matter
We deserve to be loved
And nothing can overturn that
But there are loopholes
And someone is bound to find them

A new president sits in his white castle
On his white throne
He does not agree
He would rob us of
Our human rights.

There are some who would have us
Shipped off to a camp
They say
It would fix us
And yet we are not

There are those who would
Love us
And show us that they care
They would glue us back together
And blot away our tears
They would scream
And they would shout
To give us a better tomorrow
A better life

But still I cannot understand
Why they are undecided
We are humans
We are living, breathing things
And we deserve our happiness
Cus all our hearts
Beat the same

If girls love girls then let them
If boys love boys then let them
If your little boy turns out to be a little girl
Call her your daughter and love her
If your little girl turns out to be a little boy
Call him your son and love him

The only difference between us and you
Is who we love.



Supreme Court’s Wedding Cake Case Is About More Than Gay People, Activists Warn [Huffington Post]
In Africa, LGBTQ Activists Worry About Trump’s Impact [NBC]

Kailea Rokosz is a 15 year old writer living in Colorado. She has a passion for reading, writing, art, and animal rescue. She runs a foster-based cat rescue with her mother and grandmother, and devotes a lot of time to helping cats find their forever homes.

Photo by Brittney Burnett.

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