It’s DUPed

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Refusing to align with neighbours who find themselves moving Southwards
to climes warmer in heat and economy, whether it be out of pride
or strife.
Rattling the cages of ages brought from Empirical rule stooled
in a cooling point disjointed by time found struggles where sisters
and brothers did cease.
Raising the changes brought by the deaths of a reverend and
a soldier, whose war years brought sorrow and furrowed
generations to come.
Ringing change came easy to most, boastful of peace
cheated by suits and booted by governments looking
to follow suit from orders.
Rating themselves as harbingers of tides buys nobody’s
trust because it is lost in a field of frantic divide, spurned
by past lies and tales.
Rather than walk to a future respectful of sides
tired of divides, we find ourselves walking further
from the continent again.



DUP leader Arlene Foster vows to bring stability to UK with Conservatives [The Guardian]
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E. M. Lyng is a new Irish voice, heard in formats as Vada Magazine, Outlaw Poetry and Spillwords under his other name Eoghan Lyng. He continues to refine his work, working on a collection of poems for his first independent volume. He has written from the perspective from Cork, Prague and Madrid, currently writing in Glasgow.

Editorial art by Elle Aviv Newton.