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I don’t mean to dwell on the properties of
enough is known about the physics
and I have felt my fair share
to understand what it does

half my Facebook feed fills
with Evangelicals that raised me
on it and brimstone, thanking God
for its arrival

and the fulfillment of prophecies
that will “purify a land and preserve
the apple of the all-seeing eye.”

now Gaza is under fire
and unrest has woken
in time to evacuate peace
before a home seven decades in the making

if purity comes in the form of flames
or whatever it is that ignites
a spark, its burn is indeed lasting

like the scars on a jackrabbit in a California
forest or
the tanless skin where wedding bands once belonged
to wives of producers, TV anchors,

I don’t know if this makes what is left
clean or just soot and ash that stains
every step if you try to stomp it out

I can’t watch or listen to the crackling
so I just read

the news can really make you
hate the color orange



Two Palestinians killed in anti-US protests after UN vote on Jerusalem-Gaza ministry [Reuters]

Sebastian Summers is a performing artist and author whose short play “The Move” was produced at The Young Actor’s Studio in North Hollywood, CA. He was the recipient of his graduating class’ English Achievement Award and served as a talk-show host for the teen faith-based radio program, “Say it Loud,” which broadcast across South Texas and reached over 10 regions online. Sebastian is a Texas native currently residing in Chicago, IL.

Photo by Sean Mungur.

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