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Barbie Wedding [AUDIO]

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I’m trying to play Barbie wedding and the only
dolls I have are loaded guns
I arrange them carefully to stand next to each other
as if they’re ready to exchange vows
I pin a veil on one, a corsage on the other
I keep pretending this is good enough when
all I know is Barbie doesn’t have bullets inside her
and Ken doesn’t need a license to be carried
what else can I do but try when I want to imagine
and all I have are weapons?



Gun Violence [Poets Reading the News]

Star LaBranche was born in Washington State many years ago to a Navy family. Graduating with a bachelor’s in English at Mary Baldwin College, now University, she current works at and attends ECPI University in Virginia Beach, VA. Her favorite writing companion is her cat, Happy Cat. 

Photo by Ni Ru