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Methylation Without Representation

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“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21

adonic philosophy underpins all that comes at the heart
guile prized constituencies first while hedging
thorns to deliver rapid wage growth to a version of prize  

admetus consistent cytosine consistent constituencies
cynolycus snap leaving others at the maw of high-tax scenarios
thanatos do not play out     congress would not        intervene    

adroit senator these are ontic motions       for the middle class
guardian expanse of foremind    corporate executives    swing
thyrsus to reward their long-term investments
more brackets allow for individual taxpayers      to bray


Poet’s note: Similarly to my wildfire poem, this poem deals with the genetic implications of a changing (mutating) world. It weaves narrative-psychological threads from current political recklessness and the story of the god Apollo intervening in the fate of the good king Admetus, who is supposed to be sent to the ruler of the underworld Thanatos.  

The House Tax Bill Unleashes a Dangerous Avalanche of Campaign Cash [Washington Post]
Bill Signals Top Tax Priority is to Help Corporations [New York Times]

Joseph M. Gerace is a multidisciplinary artist and professional journalist. His work can be found at wikipoem.org and has appeared in fluland, toypoems, Poets Reading the News and elsewhere. His writing explores the intersection of folk art, technology and the outer limits of communication. He lives in New Jersey.

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