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Suicide Attempt Takes Life of Another

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is a question
desperately asked
seldom answered.
Its haunting echo
resounds like a scream
that was stuck in the throat
of the young woman who died on the freeway
driving her car
when a boy flew through her windshield.
There was no time to respond.
Marisa Harris.
She wanted to live.
She had plans:
A family, boyfriend, friends who loved her.
A goal:
to help kids like the one
who inadvertently killed her.
A counseling student,
quiet, and reflective.
She showed great promise,
her professor said.
She wanted to
make a difference
in the lives of young adults.
She loved kids.
The boy only wanted to end his own suffering
that Saturday afternoon
when he jumped off the overpass
onto a busy highway in Northern Virginia
smashing into Marisa.
In an instant, she was gone.
Perhaps he imagined an angel,
that angel,
would catch him.
He is 12-years old.
We don’t know his name.
Perhaps he will live,
and make a difference.


Police: Overhead plunge that killed driver was a suicide attempt [The Washington Post]
Virginia woman killed when 12-year-old boy jumps off highway overpass [NBC]
Suicides under age 13: One every 5 days [CNN]

Maureen Spagnolo has always been a writer – since she discover the power of the written word as a young girl, preferring poetry. She was a staff writer, covering fashion, society, and lifestyle for the Washington Times, and an editor for The World & I magazine, Life Section. She co-wrote/edited a book on The Kennedys: 2nd Generation. She is an avid photographer, gardener, and, activist.

Photo by Waverly Care.

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