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We’ve Got Hard Things to Make Up For

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Maybe near impossible things there are no actual words
to find or even put together newly to make up for it all.

 Can there be any believable making up
for a culture’s intentional acts
impaled through the full body of a people,
another culture? A gender? A birthright?

When do the words, I’m sorry, taste and sound
and become so inadequate, so morally bankrupt,
that only action,

accompanied by a sealed mouth, will do?   

Larry D. Thacker’s poetry can be found or is forthcoming in more than ninety publications including The Still Journal, Poetry South, Tower Poetry Society, Mad River Review, Spillway, The Southern Poetry Anthology, Mojave River Review, Mannequin Haus, Ghost City Press, Jazz Cigarette, and Appalachian Heritage. His books include Mountain Mysteries: The Mystic Traditions of Appalachia and the poetry books, Voice Hunting and Memory Train, as well as the forthcoming, Drifting in Awe. He’s presently working on his MFA in both poetry and fiction.

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