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Take Houston Out to the Ball Game

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Today, the city blushes blue and orange.
Today, the chins of all Houstonians
point upwards in the face of rain and clouds.
Today, the downtown traffic finds a reason
to linger in this moment made of hope,
like the eyes of hurricanes. Today,
Wells Fargo Plaza’s glass reflects a face of joy.
Pasadena’s smoke stacks whistle, too:
Take me out to the ball game. The barges
moan along, and traffic horns keep beat.
Today, on my commute, while driving over
Buffalo Bayou’s bridge, I almost can
forgive that placid water, join the chorus
of Houstonians and sway along,
with eyes fixated west, across the country,
where a man will crack a bat and spit,
kick up a cloud of home-plate dust and prove
tonight, this city’s luck will turn around.



World Series: Dodgers and Astros Play Decisive Game 7 Tonight [The Los Angeles Times]
The Astros Will be the 2017 World Series Champions [Sports Illustrated]

Katherine Hoerth is an Assistant Professor of English at Lamar University and editor of Lamar University Literary Press. Her most recent poetry collection, Goddess Wears Cowboy Boots, won the Helen C. Smith Prize from the Texas Institute of Letters in 2015.


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