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I Think I Love You

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Hearing that David Cassidy
died, I ask
What are you waiting for?

Cassidy, surrounded
by those he loved
Made a decent escape.

If you die before I wake
in a house you don’t dislike

You will be less fortunate
than a lamented partridge
And less true.

The one you always loved
will turn your lost opportunities
Into a lyrical think piece
for the New York Times

What are the chances
of finding her
Smothered by fame

A fame tinged with fear
exclusively witnessed by you?

David Cassidy’s gone.
Which organ was it
that failed him? Have you
any information?

He died in Florida.
His armpit exposed
on a cover of Rolling Stone

(inky and porous
like a broadsheet
you might have known)

accentuates a Christly torso.
Hair was almost wispy, almost
as controversial as my own.



David Cassidy’s Daughter Shares Music Legend’s Final Words [Deadline Hollywood]
David Cassidy, ‘Partridge Family’ Star and ’70s Teen Idol, Dies at 67 [CTV News]

Tracy Quan, author of three novels, lives in New York. Her poetry has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Image via Kit on Flickr.

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