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Your Picture

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is worth a thousand
& yet they only gave
you three: producer,
predator, pariah. More
than enough to turn her head,
your face–a mug
shot like John Wayne,
black & white 2D
Xerox copy storied. How
many times before
she spoke? You stand
in the news–a cool cover
for the changing day.
You: face it–menacing
of Hollywood and position
on the shelf tells even more:
of a TIME we hoped we’d left
than the man: the image.
You position the truth—
a certain truth
we wish to shred:
we may be forced
another thousand
years before
her face is the one

Amy Shaw is a cardiology PA living and working in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She turned to poetry after the recent election to focus on the personal in what feels like a world coming apart at the seams.

Editorial art by Elle Aviv Newton.

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