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Translation Guide for Conversations After Another Trans Death [AUDIO]

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in memory of Ally Steinfeld* / after Donte Collins  

she’s dead : list of names lengthens like a shadow
she was so young : how old are you again?
the first reports called her a man : the body is never something we truly own
i couldn’t read the whole article : a needle hurts less if you don’t watch it make an entrance of you
be safe : isn’t this the worst way to end up on the news?
how are you holding up : i know what the suicide statistics look like for you
i just couldn’t read it : isn’t turning away from roadkill an act of mercy?
it’s all so gruesome : we expect you pretty, even in death
they won’t even call it a hate crime : they did the cops’ work for them
where did you want to move again : are you researching colleges or graveyards?
she was so young : how far was walking out of boyhood from a grave?
are you safe : already i imagine your body becoming a headline
say her name : we have learned to love you best as headlines
#SAYHERNAME : until another blooms fresher from a newspaper page
[her name] : another in a procession of mourners, the anonymity of black clothing
she’s dead : & 17 forever & 17 forever & 17 &
i’m so glad you’re safe : for now
she was so young : how have you survived this long?
say her name : but it won’t bring her back
you’re so brave : i know i will outlive you
are you afraid : you should be



*& Mesha Caldwell & Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow & Jojo Striker &Tiara Richmond & Jaquarrius Holland & Chyna Doll Dupree & Ciara McElveen & Alphonza Watson & Chayviss Reed & Kenneth Bostick & Sherrell Faulkner & Kenne McFadden & Josie Berrios & Ava Le’Ray Barrin &Ebony Morgan & TeeTee Dangerfield & Gwynevere River Song & Kiwi Herring & Kashmire Redd & Scout Schultz & Derricka Banner &&

torrin a. greathouse is a genderqueer trans womxn & cripple-punk from Southern California. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Black Napkin Press. Their work is published/forthcoming in Bettering American Poetry, The Offing, BOAAT, & Tinderbox, & she is the author of one chapbook, Therǝ is a Case That I Ɐm (Damaged Goods Press, 2017).
Self-portrait of Ally Steinfeld found on her Facebook page.

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