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Filters in you learn
How you were targeted
Characterized misled misinformed
Turns out that is the goal
Bannon and the false witness at home
The sly ones working for Putin
Halfway across the planet

In Silicon Valley too

Whose game of thrones
And pick up sticks
Are you a throwaway player in
Fast gains for a dismal heritage
That’s what happens
When they pick the least qualified
To lead and he does the same.

Whose hand is actually on the wheel?

So now, as a year of comeuppance
Nears its end, least likely
Characters come forward, show
They aren’t flakes or failures
Even a president who served
From the end of a leash surprises.

Don’t you believe it.

The country’s course
Downgraded, provoked, mercury
In retrograde. If politics can make
you crazy, imagine what life is like
For the widow of a soldier killed
For what she’ll never know.

A soldier left behind

While those who railed the loudest
Vote in lockstep against your best
Interest and Puerto Ricans know
Exactly what we are getting into.


Puerto Rico’s infrastructure will be rebuilt by a two-person company with ties to Ryan Zinke [Salon]
After Day of Feuding, Jeff Flake and Bob Corker Join Trump to Upend a Major Consumer Protection [The Intercept]
White House confirms Trump told soldier’s widow “he knew what he was getting into” before saying it was “totally fabricated” [The Independent]

Yvonne Daley is an aging hippie and a career journalist returning to poetry for sanity in difficult times. She lives in Vermont, still a sane place.

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