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fiery red gossamer gauze

Blankets and Gauze

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the Las Vegas gunman’s       father
was on the FBI’s       Most Wanted list.
i ask you how you know it’s a tragedy       versus when it’s just a slow leak.
if it’s just an off day or a more       discomforting chew.
what costs feeling?

American histories, each packaged in solid colors, tied with bows, given to boys in blue and girls in pink. Fathers with rage problems and stockpiles of ammunition. The guns of slave-holders and colonialists. The secret cigarettes and drug problems. The neglect. Each gift a burden, each glance a blow, each boulder rolling, each history repeated.

what is changed       we are so stagnant in families
instincts break hard and       he’s mean
over and over       he’s mean
what costs feeling?

America, wrap yourself in blankets, or if not that, then at least gauze. Gather all the humanity you can hold. Trap it in some warmth.


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Jenna Spagnolo is the co-director of Poets Reading the News.

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