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Head of the Household [AUDIO]

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My husband does not
Argue or express anger
In that way      He is
Perfect      Always opening
Doors      The kids walk
Through him      Last night
We fought      Or rather
I yelled over chores
Needing done
What is not done
Will be left for me
— Never leave a man
— To do a woman’s work
That’s what they say
I feel        I am not alone
But in a house of men
My noise misread
The sound of inability
— Neuroticism (higher
— Anxiety, lower stress tolerance)
— This may result in the lower
— Number of women in
— High stress jobs
Like in the home      My
Silence does not equate
Silence and a calm demeanor
The mask of capacity (his)
41% qualified and still hired
Before proven      On potential
Alone      And we left behind
With the chores      Who
Will think of the empty fridge
Raincoats      Bigger shoes
Time passing      And now
The redcoats are digging in
Preparing a fight
Potential over proof
Don’t believe in science
— 80% of single parent families
— Are headed by women.



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Amy Shaw is a cardiology PA living and working in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She turned to poetry after the recent election to focus on the personal in what feels like a world coming apart at the seams.

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