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To think, that you cannot do anything
to help.
—Eye witness

Hurricane Harvey drives a stake through
the heart of the petro-chemical industry.
Sets new continental record rainfall of 51”.
Brazos River, 59 feet above normal.
The San Bernard continues to rise.
Buffalo Bayou in the overspill path.
One levee has been breached
and residents need to get out now.
Hang a sheet in the window for rescue.
Devastation is a harsh teacher.
Did someone say “Carbon Tax?”
“It’s only just begun.” Plant a tree today,
O Americans, in your jewelbox yards.
Global warming’s come home to spawn.


Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a publisher, critic, eco-activist, and artist, but is best known as a poet. Spuyten Duyvil recently published his 12th book Triple Crown, Sonnets. Wright produces literary events in conjunction with his publication Live Mag!. Original art by the author.

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