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The Problem with Testimony [AUDIO]

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If any brief interaction occurred. Then I left the hotel. Is entirely beside the point. I have no knowledge. To hurt this country. That’s what’s so important to control. At all times. I have earned a reputation. The innuendos, the leaks. The fraudsters and the terrorists. I don’t recall. Every one of our citizens. A continuing exchange of information. Intermediaries. Russians and I am unable to comment. In an effort to impede or influence this campaign. Pretty breathtaking usurpation. I am blessed indeed. If that conversation moves into certain areas. That’s the way that should work. And not go in an improper direction. There may be other privileges that apply. If he hasn’t and I’m in error. If any such occurred. I know nothing but what I’ve read in the paper. As I recall. I don’t recall. Until and if I ever. Or otherwise involve. Maybe I ought to listen again. It’s often very problematic to have persons not cooperating. I have racked my brain. I don’t recall. Not recall. It’s better on that side. It’s just like through the looking glass. I mean, what is this. In good faith. The next thing you know. It was a little conversation. We have got to restore a regular order principle. To refresh my recollection. Before disclosing. I don’t have a detailed memory. A lot of people were at the convention. I need to be correct as best I can. It makes me nervous. I may have had some conversations. There’s always been rules. I supported everything. It was more egregious than I even understood at the time. It probably would have been better to never have talked. Once you get down that road. I remember pushing back on it. We may have discussed that. Those teams have been working and will continue to work.

Quotes taken from Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ statements to the Senate committee on 6/13/17.

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