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On the dismantling of an obelisk
honoring the Battle of Canal Street, 1874
and the “Crescent City White League”

New Orleans, city of barges and mules
Flex your muscle LEAD the way
Bougainvillea and étouffée

Dismantle those bastions of the past
Bleeding thorn blusters of the lost COST
Slimy walls of sancro-necromancy

Knock down those columns of scabs
Those links to an ANIMAL kinkdom
Those scars on the tears of phallasy

Put up a statue of Captain Crunch instead
Surrounded by rotten children’s teeth
To be PAID for by the sugar barons

No, seriously, put up a giant Hurricane glass
Put up a chain breaking APART
Writhing loops of rainbow neon

Put up a pelican stuck in a fountain of OIL
As a reminder of what we’re doing now
Building new monuments to new losses


Read More:
New Orleans takes down prominent Confederate monument [Fox News]
New Orleans says goodbye to its Confederate statues [The Economist]

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a publisher, critic, eco-activist, and artist, but is best known as a poet. Spuyten Duyvil recently published his 12th book Triple Crown, Sonnets. Wright produces literary events in conjunction with his publication Live Mag!. Original art by the author.

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