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The Opening Bell

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weapons of the united states
have carried out a missile strike in syria
syrian government’s chemical weapons
the united states has carried out a missile strike
united against syria in syria government weapons
the united states has carried out a missile strike
in syria the syrian government’s chemical weapons
tomahawk missiles launched from palm beach

the air base in syria from where the united states in florida
in remarks of vital national security interest
the united military strike on the mar-a-lago estate
in syria from where the united states pokes at syria
where the chemical attack was launched on
mr trump said in remarks at his united mar-a-lago estates
in idlib prevent and deter the spread of the united states
in florida it is vital that the syrian air base
golf at his mar-a-lago estate in syria from where
the united military strikes the tomahawk estates
his mar-a-lago bunker requires fumigation

by the failures of what were called
the syrian civil war
his anonymous strategist reince priebus
his chief advisor ivanka trump
his daughter steve bannon
chief strategist
chief first strategist second

the crisis continues
to deepen and the refugees
have all failed the crisis
continues president bashar
al-assad of previous attempts
allies all attempting allies referring
constantly to russia to presidents bold
rarely refugees their crisis fluttering
the president quietly the refugees
all fail and the united states
has failed and syria has failed
the refugees invade mar-a-lago
and hold a press conference
to beg for help


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Joseph M. Gerace is a multidisciplinary artist and professional journalist. His work explores the intersections of folk art, technology and the outer limits of communication. He lives in New Jersey.

Image by Niklas Freidwall.

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