God Hunting in Mesopotamia

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“myself, split open, unable to speak, in exile from myself.”  Muriel Rukeyser

when i wrote of
that light verb associated
quick music emily dickinson’s strictness
of those names of the contained
communication on saturday with damascus
fifty activists said the airstrikes
god-hunting in mesopotamia
an inflection upon the world of semantics
compounds contain killing parties
some under attack by the head of syria

staffan de mistura staffan de mistura
fine shades of dada fire
techniques only fine shades myself anymore
in his definition of the illness afflicting
saturday with center
on saturday with the country
’s worst violence comes the master of idlib
daughters a commonly fine shade
or symptom in syria the other
as described by sappho the un envoy

forces and children draw insurgent groups
overnight said parties in copula
verb or symbolic acts own with her
particle notes in astronomy’s symbolic acts
own geneva than fifth activists said the couture
appeal of assad’s killing sixteen
including this eighted and eighted prince
they light patients with anxiety canes of
different strictness in that mesopotamian inlet
leased syrian peace
talks of a syrian staffan
de mistura had communicated
with assad’s killing


U.N. envoy calls on powers to salvage Syrian ceasefire  [Reuters]
The Kurdish woman building a feminist democracy and fighting Isis at the same time  [U.K. Independent]
Wordplay: Using language to shake the system  [Sydney Morning Herald]

Joseph M. Gerace is a multidisciplinary artist and professional journalist. His work explores the intersections of folk art, technology and the outer limits of communication. He lives in New Jersey.

Original art by Elle Aviv Newton.