Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016


Carved in Ice

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Then Fall air
              blinked often
                             Summer dust falling
                             from eye lids
                             at Winter’s
                             icy postcards
                             blades of grass
                             to crystal knives
Now Winter’s
              hob-nailed boots
                             trample ghosts of flowers
                             memories of beauty gone
                             remove fallen fruit
                             rancid nut shells
                             no mulch
                             for the next generation
              sneers at unbelievers
                             Snow piles up where least expected
                                          forces the homeless
                                          into shelters, under bridges
              freezes refugees in camps
                             food vouchers for senior citizens
                             supplementary breakfasts
                             for poor school children
                             to assist learning
                             history’s victims
                             emaciated, gunned
                             down, battered, bombed,
When a tree falls in a forest
and there are people around
do they make a sound

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Sharon Goodier is a poet from Toronto, Canada. She has been published in Koru, Quilliad, Carte Blanche, 11th Transmission, Dove Tales Nature Anthology, Adana, and New Legends Anthology. She was long-listed for the Mary K. Ballard award in 2014. In 2015, she self-published a book of social justice poetry, A Stone in My Shoe. She is a founding member of the renewed Art Bar Reading Series.


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