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Alt Facts

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Alt Facts / Part 1 / Catch(ing) 22

Black women                   don’t die
like black boys                 in this country
that’s a myth                    that’s getting away
from the real                    problem.

Black boys don’t even die like black people say
Black people just talking to hear themselves
one last time.


Alt Facts/ Part 2 / Emmett Till Winked @ That White Girl

White girls never lie.
A lie is something black
people do when caught
in the wrong race
at the right time.

I for one love the place, I can’t even tell you how many people died for me to be here.

Alt Facts / Part 3 / Sandra Bland Killed Herself

That’s it.
That’s what happened.

& It Is
sorta like being Black, Or Arab in this country: you are wrong/ you are
dangerous/ you did this/ to yourself.


Alt Facts / Part 4 / Rape Is Simple

& so are women
all you need is one man
to explain it all


Alt Facts/ Part 5 / Everyone Loves America

The dream. If we have to put people to sleep to see
Then so be it. But they will see. Whether they like it

Or not. I for one love the place, I can’t even tell you
How many people died for me to be here.


Alt Facts/ Part 6 /DonaldTrumpNeverSaidThat

soIhavenothing toworryabout thisisjustparanoia.
thisisalladream MartinLutherKinggot hisdream
racisimended themomentawhiteman withagun

Ineedtorelax. theygothis covereditsnot

Idonthaveareasontolie thisisnormal
Idontevenexist imnotwritingthis
likeawill idontthink imthatclose


Siaara Freeman is the founder of magazine and an editor for the literary journal Tinderbox. A Pushcart Prize nominated and touring poet, she considers poetry food because that is how she eats. She is a Slytherin from Cleveland, Ohio trying to grow her afro so tall God mistakes it for a microphone and speaks into her.

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