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Urban Black Girl Reads

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Urban black girl reads
protest signs from the women’s
march on google images
from her bed

one sign is nothing
but a vagina.
It says so many things
stops & looks trans women
in the eye & screams
You don’t belong here
sitting next to me
& that aint new & that aint

another goes
If it weren’t for Hermione, Harry would be
dead.  Hermione was very important
whether Harry died or not. Her survival was
not a bonus point. She was not something a man used
to get what he needed. She was supposed to be
more than that.

an infant is holding one, the fist
is soft and chubby, but my god it holds
the tightest. Grip so strong I wasn’t sure
it was not my heart. When I saw the sign
was nothing but colors, I was even less

black girl sucking a lollipop
got ancient eyes. She want
us to remember white women
voted for Trump. A lot of them
did, a lot of them are also right
next to her

in pale pink hats that are supposed to look
like a cat, or like a pussy, or a cis white womans
pussy. It aint supposed to look like us. It aint
even notice I was not

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Siaara Freeman is the founder of magazine and an editor for the literary journal Tinderbox. A Pushcart Prize nominated and touring poet, she considers poetry food because that is how she eats. She is a Slytherin from Cleveland, Ohio trying to grow her afro so tall God mistakes it for a microphone and speaks into her.

Image by Kevin Banatte.

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