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She’s not that great of an actress really. Once you get nominated,
it happens again and again.
You know how that goes. I hated her in Sophie’s Choice.
That movie depressed me.

That woman role in Kramer vs Kramer – sappy.
Dustin Hoffman on man-duty. Give me a break.
Or what about The Iron Woman, or The Iron Lady. Whatever it was.
One of the most boring movies I ever sat through.
Tell me, if she hadn’t been Meryl Streep, would she even have been nominated?


Pavarotti was overrated
The Beatles were overrated
Nietzsche was overrated
Einstein was overrated
Tolstoy was overrated
Atwood is overrated
The pope is overrated
Madame Curie was overrated

Spielberg is overrated
Michael Jordan is overrated
Mother Teresa was overrated
Streep is overrated
The beep is overrated
The deep is overrated
The weep is overrated
Sleep is overrated


Let’s hear it for the snub
Let’s hear it for the low road
Let’s hear it for the put down

Let’s hear it for the dark side
Let’s hear it for the cut Let’s hear it for the insult
Let’s hear it for the sneer Let’s hear it for the dig


The meep is overrated The eep is overrated The leap is overrated The veep is overrated
That creep is overrated The deep is overrated That sheep is overrated Skeep is overrated

The peep is overrated The meep is overrated The queep is overrated The zeep is overrated
The feep is overrated Sharif is overrated The reef is overrated The beef is overrated

Meryl barrel pharrel teep
Streep leap jeep factor
Actor pactor lactor tactor
Overrated overbite


Did you see her in She-Devil? What was that?
And what about Prime? Did anybody even see that movie?

Just because she’s good at accents.
Just because she’s good at disappearing into a role and disguising herself.
And what was that Mamma Mia! thing? Really! She should take off those overalls.


She’s old
She’s told
She’s brave
She’s bold
She’s brave
She’s gold
She’s cold
She’s polled

Meryl Streep is overrated.
Donald Trump is twitterated.

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Eliza Mimski is a retired English teacher living in San Francisco. She copes with the election results by writing poetry. Her work has appeared in Quiet Lightning’s Sparkle and Blink, and in Fiction 365.

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