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December 2016

Self Portrait As A Snowman by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Self Portrait As A Snowman

I smile. I sing. I babysit. My words bolster the weak. To the lost, I point the way. To the infirm I tell jokes like the one about the albino polar bear who walks into a bar. The bartender says, “What’ll it be, Redeye?” For this am I honored and for honor we live. Another…


Light Work

Under the law twelve and thirteen year olds are permitted to do light work up to forty-two hours a week.


36 Ghosts

By Jan Steckel. The scene of an Oakland warehouse set for fire, while the musicians play on.


The Fight For Our Rivers, Mountains and Forests

  The rivers, the mountains, the forests Are to which we belong We ever belonged Until they came along With high advanced machinery Trucks laden with artillery State sponsored police thievery To lay claim On all of this Through breaking, distorting laws And other tricks Under the guise of ‘development’ That we are irreverent, so…

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