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Trump Says: Your Blood is Useful

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Trump says…

he will ‘work‘ (?) with our
country’s undocumented
to see that they can stay

if immigrants want to serve
in the United States Armed
Forces. Great. Translation–

your body still doesn’t matter.
If you want to fight for the U.S.,
if you wish to die for us, if you

want to kill for the U.S., then surely
you can stay to get shipped away.
Just go anywhere but here– wear

your stars and stripes elsewhere,
wage our war on more foreigners
because you still are one and we

won’t let you forget it in English
or in your language. You are the
alien, sí tú eres the outsider but

all blood is useful so if you have
some to spare, sure, Trump will
find a way to keep you here too.

Train you to leave and maybe,
if you’re lucky, you can return
an American citizen unharmed.




Luna G. Reiley writes across hybrid non-fictive forms. Her work has been showcased by the DeYoung Museum and staged at Artists Television Access in addition to performances at St. Paul’s Church and Alder Manor. She is an MFA Writing candidate focusing on poetry at California College of the Arts in Oakland.

“Donald Trump says illegal immigrants serving in military can stay in the U.S.”
[Washington Post]

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