Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016


I Heard My Voice in The Crowd

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Though I stayed mostly silent
from the shock of this devastating loss, I heard
my voice
in the crowd.

My eyes
welled up at the beauty in community, the power in
our bodies, of our bodies,
5,000 individually and collectively one.

My body
grew and stretched across the streets and up the avenues;
Our body.
rose to confront fear.

My voice
echoed, skipping along the lights;
Our voice
thundered of hope and alliance.

My feet
marched and ran and shuffled along the pavement;
Our 10,000 feet,
cracked concrete with the weight of our presence.

And then my face
was dampened with tears from the earth and
I welcomed
the ablution of the rain.


Natalie Repetto is a mouthy feminist who found her voice living in Oakland and earning a BA at Mills College. She lives in Brooklyn, where she is passionate about community networks and small businesses.

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