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Shortening the Kill Chain

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In Gaza, half of the population is under the age of 18.
Languishing in the barely legal, these
overeducated youth
with zero prospects, except for
administrative detention no charge, no trial


much like Palestine itself, habeas corpus disappears
held prisoner by a body
that deems it unfit to exist.


a settler colonial place for friends; a site which prompts, ahead of empty text fields, What’s on Your Mind Hi Good Morning How are You?

–wherein a dissident’s post’s “likes” and “shares” are tantamount to inciting violence

–wherein this same corporation flaunts the reflective cloak of respectability politics;

perverse, tacit statement that, in the network’s eye, naked children and state-sponsored genocide are comparable atrocities, and that we must bury the latter in a perverse claim to protect the former

–wherein “Over the past four months Israel submitted 158 requests to Facebook to remove inciting content,”…, and Facebook has accepted those requests in 95 percent of the cases.


In September, Israel and the United States finalized a $38B military aid deal, the largest in history.
Long ago, Israel established itself as a globalized shopping mall for national security services

a complex, totalizing system which refracts signals miles above the earth.


Israel informed the construction of the United States’ southern border wall, long before the debased soundbite

of Republican smug paranoia

In a bid to further militarize national borders, Boeing won a contract

to install Integrated Fixed Towers for miles along the U.S.-Mexico border. Sensors
radar heat detection a “common operational picture.”

Boeing recently claimed it would beat SpaceX in the race to Mars.

Israel’s Apartheid Wall is visible from outer space.
Palestine’s unemployment rate is the highest in the world.

A common operational picture.

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US Finalizes Deal to Give Israel $38B in Military Aid [New York Times]
Facebook is Collaborating with the Israeli Government to Determine What Should Be Censored [The Intercept]

alex cruse is a writer, educator, and interdisciplinary artist who lives in Oakland, California.

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