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October 2016

Halloween in the Anthropocene, 2016 [VIDEO]

Halloween in the Anthropocene, 2016 Darkness spills across the sky like an oil plume. The moon reflects bleached coral. Tonight, let us praise the sacrificed. Praise the souls of black boys, enslaved by supply chains, who carry bags of cacao under west African heat. “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to…


African Migrants in Latin America

The africanos come through here— across the ocean and up. With their English they can make it in the United States but they got to get through here first. Read more: Africans Migrating Through Latin America Face Violence Via Cargo Ships and Jungle Treks, Africans Dream of Reaching the U.S. Abigail Carl-Klassen’s work has appeared in ZYZZYVA,…


Through Song? Leaflets Falling From the Sky?

How will these children, when they grow up, Hear news about the world? Through songs? Leaflets falling from the sky? Reading a newspaper in a cafe? News on the Internet? Or through some new technological device?


Locker Room

Who haunts the ghost? Who walks the dog? Who mocks the turtle? Who listens to a log?   Live by the penis, etc. Shivering in Utopia. Slow smoking October sky. Pave the road with lyres.   Orpheus sleeping with one eye weeping. Who would trap a fowl? A special suckerfice.   Anyway, I love you.…

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