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Middle East

Dareen Tatour

By Joseph M. Gerace. With the conviction of poet Dareen Tatour, is the only Israeli platform for Palestinian poetry in the courtroom? …


What is Civil in a War?

By Success Akpojotor. The Nigerian president's attempt to rewrite the civil war with Biafra, decades later, provokes international condemnation. …


Fuego, As Seen From Antigua

By Lauren Camp. Revisiting memories of Antigua, Guatemala in the wake of Sunday's volcanic eruption, which has claimed 65 lives so far. …

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  • Lynched_in_Alabama_eji,_Montgomery_(37973228785)

    Jars of Clay

    By Shawn Aveningo Sanders. In Montgomery, Alabama, the Memorial for Peace and Justice is the country's first memorial to victims… Keep Reading

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Anonymous Act

By Heidi Seaborn. Remembering the Stanford rape case that led to Judge Aaron Persky's recall in California this week. …

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By Brian A. Salmons. An image of a bird carrying a shark carrying a fish has gone viral. …

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  • photo-1490643152483-07b79cdd4db1

    Funeral Details

    By Megan Merchant. "The sermon will grow loud at times, generic as a hot dish brought to grief’s door."… Keep Reading

  • claudia-595686-unsplash

    The Drawer

    By Nicole Callihan. After another school shooting, every intimate space is rattled by bullets.… Keep Reading

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  • Abortion Referendum in Ireland


    By Judith Kingston. On ambiguity after the historic vote to legalize abortion in Ireland.… Keep Reading

  • Szinyei_Merse,_Pál_-_Meadow_with_Poppies_-_Google_Art_Project

    The Meadow

    By Tara Campbell. Is human violence just another unhappy gift of nature?… Keep Reading

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Voyeur: SW Flight 1380

By Mary Torregrossa. Experiencing the emergency of the fatal Southwest flight and human frailty from afar. …

Editors' Picks

  • north-korea-missiles-reuters-170319-00_01_10_05-still006

    War Head

    By Alejandro Escudé. With a nuclear threat from Pyongyang, the Pacific Ocean has never felt so small.… Keep Reading

  • Car5


    By Joseph M. Gerace. On American jingoism and our mounting aggression toward North Korea.… Keep Reading

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